Why Network Marketing Requires the Highest Form of Leadership

Network marketing requires a higher level of leadership than is needed in traditional places of employment. Since no formal lines of authority exist over the people on our teams, they do not work for us. They are volunteers, just as we are volunteers for our upline. Anyone can leave any time they want to, and it happens often to those who have not developed the mindset of a leader.

When you sign someone up into your business, you are not their boss. You are their mentor. You must rule out the tactics of fear, shame, guilt or intimidation that a boss would use to bully his or her employee into keeping their job. Your main goal is helping them reach their goals. Leaders do this by focusing on the qualities of leadership that encourage instead of discourage.

Whether we like it or not, our teams will do what we do because they look to us for guidance. Whatever you want your team to do, you have to do it first. If you do something that you should not, they will probably still follow your lead. Always conduct your network marketing business knowing that you are being duplicated, word for word and action for action.

If you want your team to be on time for meetings, you need to be there ahead of time. If you want them to take the events seriously, you need to take them seriously first. Leaders are the ones who are always in the front, forcing themselves to remain focused, energized and excited about the same business opportunity their team should be excited about. There is a direct correlation between what leaders do and what gets duplicated.

Leadership may appear as an endlessly enjoyable lifestyle, but there are less appealing aspects that are not visible to the naked eye. Those who are enjoying the fulfilling aspects of leadership have been paid their dues and continue to do so when necessary. Earning the right of public praise comes from hard work in private. This means long days, hard work and taking more responsibility than is expected.

In traditional places of employment, a friend of a friend of a friend can get to the top just by knowing the right person. You can smooth talk and back stab your way to a nice comfortable lifestyle, but the downside is having to become the kind of person who does those things. It is much more rewarding to know you made it to the top without stepping on someone else's toes. That is how the leaders in network marketing think, and that is why it is a much more appealing lifestyle.

Leaders in network marketing have the mindset that tells them it is a privilege to work while others sleep. They spend time driving their businesses while others drive a golf ball. They work hard to make their dreams become a reality while others work hard to block out the reality that they have no dreams. They ignore fatigue and focus on daily goals while others sit on the couch with a bag of potato chips and a bottle of soda.

The most important part of a leader's mindset in network marketing is knowing the importance of being servants to their teams. They know who describes the attention and who needs to work harder to earn it. They delay gratification for the sake of helping others find their own self-worth. This is a business of networking. It all comes down to showing others how to get the job done so your business grows. You must be patient, positive and honest with others.

The level of leadership in a traditional place of employment is lower than in network marketing because there is no penalty when someone under your wing fails. The employees are not in the best interest of the boss. They give an order and if it does not get done, they find someone else who can do it. Their paycheck does not go down if someone quits or gets fired. In Network marketing, a business providers when you try to be a greedy boss instead of a leader.

Your ability to grow as a team, develop residual income and create wealth is contingent upon the efforts of others. In order to encourage people to reach this goal, you need to develop the mindset of a leader of the highest level. Only proper marketing education places an emphasis on this to the extensive that will explode your home-based business. If your company is teaching you how to be a distributor and not a marketer, sometimes it is time to change your way of thinking /

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