Internet Marketing Success – Strategy Vs Tactic

"Strategy without tactics is the slow route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat" … said Sun Tzu.

Internet Marketing can be likened to be a battlefield where Internet marketers battle for the online money pie. There are many battlefields in the form of different market niches or segments in Internet marketing and the combatants are the Internet marketers in their particular niches.

Since Internet marketing is like the battlefield, Sun Tzu's statement above is very appropriate.
To expand on this statement, right strategy without tactics will lead to success … eventually. Tactics without strategy will bring on many actions that lead to … nowhere. In short, strategy coupled with tactics achievements success.

2 other elements smoothen the journey in Internet marketing success. These are tools and skill sets. Tools such as software and programs enhance efficiencies while skill and ability to use these tools shortens and enhances the processes to reach success.

Strategy is like a road map, which shows where to go. To know where to go, you have to know your destination. This destination is your goal. So you need to know your destination (goal) in order to know which road map (strategy) to use. After knowing which road map (strategy) to use, you plan on the methods (tactics) to reach your ultimate destination.

So you have to decide on the goals you want to achieve in Internet marketing and other areas of your life and quantify (put into numbers) it, along with the time line you want to achieve them. This will enable you to break down your goals into annually, monthly, weekly and daily objectives and formulate strategies on how you want to achieve your goals within the time period you set. Then, devising tactical methods with the tools you have obtained and the skills to use them, you reach your objectives set according to your strategies.

Without a clear strategy in place, you are merely using tactics as and when you come across them in the Internet, claiming to be the next best thing.

Without a clear strategy, you will be driven by craftily-created sales pitches and buy any product without thinking how they would integrate with your strategy.

Without a clear strategy, you will not be able to focus on what you are supposed to do and lead astray by the bombardment of the many, many email marketing campaigns that fill your 'Inbox' everyday.

Without a clear strategy and its accompanying tactical methods, you are like a little lost sheep going where the grass looks gener, even if its an illusion.

So decide on your goals, quantify them and then break them into various objectives with timelines. Next, configure your strategies and tactics on how to achieve those objectives. If all these are in place and followed, your success in Internet marketing is actually guaranteed.

Easier said than done, but that is the challenge in this Internet marketing journey you have embarked, which is not a sprint but a marathon. And like an actual marathon, the right strategy and tactics applied with the dexterity in use of the proper tools, you are successfully passing across the finishing line of accomplishment.

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