Body Detoxification

What is Detoxification? Simply put, Detox, or detoxification is the process of doing away with or get rid of toxins from the body.

Toxins are poisonous substances produced by the metabolic activities of certain living organisms, including bacteria, insects, plants, and reptiles. Toxins are also chemical substances that we take into our bodies such as perfume and after-shave, oral contraceptives, cigarette smoke and alcohol, pesticides, food additives, cleaning agents and Mercury. Our bodies detoxify these chemicals and we excrete them through our excreta or urine.

Due to our daily intake of a huge amount of toxins through water, food and the environment, we need to aid detoxification. The upsurge of these toxins can be so immune that our bodies can not detoxify well, which can cause hormonal imbalances, inefficient metabolism and nutritional deficiencies.
Sign and symptoms include occasional pain, dull skin, lethargy, and allergies. Toxic build up, over time, is believed to lead to disease.

A detox diet, makng use of herbs and food supplements or a unique diet, is thought to help reinforce the organs we use for detoxification and support the secretion of stored toxins through the lymphatic system, liver, lungs, intestines, skin, and kidneys. They also prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Individuals that make use of detox diets state that it alleviates symptoms such as, painful joints, headaches, lethargy, fatigue, irritability, post menstrual trauma, constipation and gas and also enhances their skin texture.

Before embarking on a detox diet, be advised to first discuss your symptoms with your doctor because toxicity symptoms can be similar to other illnesses. While on a detox diet, it is often usual for your symptoms to deteriorate. For example, you may suffer more headaches and other pains and drier or oilier skin, but this is mostly due to the toxins passing through your body in large quantities. Take note that these symptoms usually elapse within a few days.

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