5 Ways You Are Guaranteed To Fail With Your Network Marketing Opportunity

"The greatest success of all time is the rate at which we can achieve failure." I read that somewhere and when you stop to think about it's implications in entrepreneurship no truer words have ever been penned when it comes to describing any network marketing opportunity.

The failure rate in the MLM industry is steady fast at 97%. It looks like we have the system for failure down pretty good. Here are the five sure fire ways guaranteed to fail every time with your network marketing opportunity.

One: Repeating old Network marketing training (condensed version). Make a list of everyone that you know. Rate them on your scale of 1-10 or 1-5 according to how well you know them. Invite some friends over but do not tell them what it is about. When you get someone to come over then spring your presentation on them. Tell them all about your product, opportunity and compensation plan on several pieces of paper. It is a numbers game, you have to sort they tell you. Keep positive, you can do it. Yeah right! Look at the figures. 97% failure rate tells the story here.

Hundreds if not thousands of top MLM leaders offer fully automated MLM systems online. They offer up to the minute video training on exactly how and who to recruit, where and how to find them and how to cash in on multiple streams of income. That is not network marketing training for 97% failure though so be fair warned.

Two: Believe "it is a numbers game". You have to sort through the duds to get to the studies, that is what you are taught. If only 3% of all of your contacts will join you then are not you dealing with the wrong leads? Of the 3% who do join you, (using your list) guess what? 97% of them are going to fail right along with you. It is a numbers game all right but these are the wrong numbers. There is a better system than that of stupidity and failing 97% of the time. The numbers game that you want to employ is success above and beyond the 60% – 80% or more

Automated system can bring 8-10 highly qualified network marketing leads to you and your opportunity every day. That is 8-10 network marketing leads or prospects who are already interested in what you have to offer.The network marketing training with modern up to the minute automation is the way to go.

Three: Buying network marketing leads, genealogy list or biz opp leads .. Lets take a close look at this one. How much MLM success can you really expect from buying your leads? Slim to none! (another 97 percenter) Most of these leads are generated from taking surveys. Surveys on just about any subject other than their interest in an network marketing opportunity that is.

Four: Use the "three foot rule". How dumb is that? Let me give you an example of just how dumb that is. Let's say you are the owner of your favorite NFL football team. Instead of scouting college football players and drafting them from their college football teams, (based upon their abilities and interest in playing football) you just employed the "three foot rule". Is that a good strategy for building a successful football team? Well guess what it does not work for building a successful network marketing business either. The "three foot rule" is close to the number one reason people fail at a 97% rate with their network marketing opportunity. Just because people are within three feet dose not good network marketing leads make.

Five: Promoting "we do not sell anything". Nothing could be farther from the truth. It does not matter what anyone says if you are in the mlm business you are in sales. Period. Accept the fact and deal with the truth. You are sold on the idea, you are sold on the product, you are sold on your network marketing opportunity and you are sold on the fact that you can do it. Only when you convince (sell) someone to join you, or buy your product do you get paid. The very fact that you only get compensated (paid awards) for either one of two activities, distributing products and recruiting prospects is the very definition of sales.

If you want to make it big time with your current opportunity then be sure to keep these five guaranteed failure strategies at the forefront of your marketing. If on the other hand however, you want to take your MLM business to the highest level then invest wisely in yourself and put the online version of modern network marketing training to work and let it take you over the top (Total Ongoing Prosperity).

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