European Tapestries – Van Gogh

The Olive Trees – Artist Vincent Van Gogh developed a style of painting while he was incarcerated at the asylum at Saint Remy. Instead of his usual bold strokes and luminous colors, the artist experimented with long swipes to create curving, undulating silhouettes across his canvas. This style is more expressive and more dynamic than its previous style, which is a testament to the artist's inner demons.

Out of this style evolved The Olive Trees is one of his most famous paintings, along with Irises. Against the grain of what sees to be blazing Mediterranean afternoon, olive trees of an intestine green sway, twist and crimp. In the distance are rolling hills of the Alps as well as the sky awash with clouds and moonlight.

The Olive Trees is truly one of Van Gogh's most striking paintings. While he was at the asylum, Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo about his most recent work. He spoke of a landscape filled with olive trees as well as a study about a starry sky. When the paintings drawn, he sent these to Theo telling him to take note of the olive trees with the clouds and mountains, as well as the light of the moon and the effect of the light. Van Gogh exaggerated the whole general composition of the painting, accentuating colors and outlines of the trees and the mountains. Van Gogh tried to avoid the photographic perfection that other artists tried to perfect. This influenced fellow artist Paul Gauguin. Together, they painted masterpieces that veered away from the conservative perfection of paintings, and instead tried to intensify colors and lines in their paintings.

Like his other works, The Olive Trees has often translated into prints, tapestries, wall hangings and wall d├ęcor. Now, others as well as art collectors or art historians can have access to this beloved work of art. Homeowners with an eye for style and sophistication can simply buy a print or wall hanging of The Olive Trees to add a touch of elegance to their homes.

Tapestries and wall prints are available for ordering and shipping online. They come in various sizes to fit your space requirements. Most of them also offer other materials such as brackets and linings so you can display your tapestry with ease. You can hang this anywhere in your house, whether it be in the privacy of your bedroom or in your living room, for all your guests and friends to admire.

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