Football Photos Elevate Players to Heroes

The art of football photography has a lot to do with the elevation of football players to heroes overnight and also the reason why some heroes have worn.

Great sporting occasions and great sporting achievements are the things that spawn heroes and one iconic picture can sway the opinion of millions.

Just think of that picture showing Bobby Moore sitting on his teams shoulders holding aloft the Jules Rimet Trophy, he undeniably made a football hero that day.

What about the picture of Gazza crying during the World Cup Semi Final in Germany, despite his recent problems he will always be considered a football hero because of this. Terry Butcher, never the most talented of players, became a hero after a game against Sweden in 1989 purely because of a photo that appeared in the tabloids showing him swathed in a blood soaked bandage. And what about Diego Armando Maradona, already a hero for his achievements and talent but the thing he will most be remembered for is that handball, the picture of the moment that the hand touches the ball will always define him as a cheat to some, but in a small country to the north of England he became a hero, so much so that 23 years later he visited Scotland as Manager of Argentina and still received a heroes welcome.

Football players photos have the power to elevate players to heroes, talent and medals can only guarantee legendary status, which is considered the highest honor, you be the judge.

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