True Power

May you start to know and always know the power of who you are. The powerful beings that you are. May you step into that power and fully embrace it. May you be all that you are. For you are Divine. For you are Whole. You are Perfect. You are Powerful.

Now we want you to understand that this power is not the same power that you see displayed in your world today as a means of aggression. That is not power. That is insecure and weakness masking it self as power. That is lack of love and compassion for your fellow human beings. That is lack of self worth and self love within your self that you feel you must display an aggressive action towards another and do it through what you term as being powerful. You are weak when you display in this way for you have not learned how to create for your self and to allow others to create for them selves. You have the need to display or more accurately try to hide your feelings of lack of self worth and self love through actions of aggression.

The true meaning and sense of power comes when you can be centered in yourself where you are, to fully love yourself, to fully know your own self worth, and to fully feel within you that steady, calm, full stream of powerful energy that is unshakable and unmovable by anything outside of your self. It is in allowing others the freedom of choice in their lives without feeling you have to direct their lives.

It is assisting others in finding that sense of self worth, self love, self power within themselves through the understanding of the Divinity that is within them. Not that it is outside them. That is true power. It is a power that does not need to be or will be displayed in an outward aggressive way. It is a power that will be displayed through the quiet, strong demeanor of the individual and despite the knowing that is present within and reflected outward as peaceful manner of poise and strength. It is there that a person will be most powerful. It is only there that a person reflects the true sense and nature of power.

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