"The Secret" and "Marketing" Combined!

The Law of Attraction + Marketing = The Law of Attraction Marketing.

Anne Sieg described Attraction Marketing best: "When You Try To Sell Something To Someone, It's Your Decision Being Forced On Them.

To understand what she means by this, let's first discuss the traditional method of network marketing (or selling). It starts with prospecting, cold calling or advertising to find people who "might" be interested in your products, or better yet, your business opportunity. Then you determine which of these people (or prospects) you should focus your efforts on, usually based on their urgency to buy, their ability to pay for whatever you are selling or their interest in starting a business. You may do a one-on-one or group presentation to demonstrate the superiority of the product or service you sell. Because most prospects resist selling, salespeople (or network marketers) are trained to be more persistent and to push harder. Sadly, the more you "sell", the more people "resist" … You might have to talk to 100 people, in order to find 10 people interested in your products …. or 1 person interested in your business opportunity.

People do not like "sales pitches", however people do like to buy !! Most people dislike selling on both ends. They do not like being sold to and they do not like selling to others. The most important concept to get through your head is to provide VALUE first. You MUST begin a relationship with your prospect, by providing them with information that will assist with solving their problem. If someone has a problem that they believe you are able to resolve, they will likely seek more information from you, and eventually contact you to see what you would recommend. This value links these people to YOU, as opposed to you chasing them and providing your "sales pitch". By the time they contact you, they already see value in you and what you have to offer. Seems simple does not it? Well it is.

You see, there are people who have an interest in something but are passive about it … and then there are people who have an interest in something and are actively pursuing it. People who really want something are out there looking for ways to get it. They are not sitting around just hoping that someone will randomly call them or knock on their door or bump into them when they're at work. No. When a person has a true interest in something they read books about it; they flip through magazines; they do research; and nowdays – they go on Google and browse the web. Looking … Searching … This is when Attraction Marketing works; This is exactly when you will find it. A prospect that goes out of their way way to look for information is the best kind of prospect you can have.

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