Why Networking Marketing Makes Smart Business Sense

Years ago you would've had to smack me over the head to agree that network marketing was a smart business choice. Unfortunately, I had a few bad experiences under my belt and saw it only as a losing proposition.

Maybe I can attribute it to naivety, immaturity or bad choices in products or business models to follow, or maybe it's because I was tricked one too many times into attending dinner parties only to have someone pull out a flip chart immediately after the meal and start drawing circles on it, but no matter the reason, the words "network marketing" sent shivers down my spell.

Fortunately, I did not allow my mind to remain closed forever and I began to listen to the advice of business leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Loral Langemeier, strong advocates of network marketing.

Occasionally, I opened myself again to the possibilities and within short order was presented with a business opportunity that was a perfect fit. It completed my existing business and provided an added means of generating revenue.

If your desire is to start a home-based business and if you have built walls around your mind to protect you from the stigma of networking marketing, I'd like to ask you to lower the walls for just a few minutes, so you can accept some smart business advice, like I was able to do.

Why Network Marketing?

· It teaches leadership – most people will not start a business because they do not know how to lead 100 or more people. Network marketing makes it easy because you have continuous guidance and support from your upline.

· Where else would you find a business that would invest in your education and personal development coupled network marketing?

· When others ask if it's a pyramid scheme, think about corporations.

· A corporation is a pyramid. It has only one person at the top then everyone else below. A true network marketing business is built like an inverted pyramid with many people across the top with a goal to consistently bring those from lower levels up as opposed to keeping them down.

· You are surrounded by like-minded people unlike traditional home businesses where you may find yourself alone. You have a ready-made group of people to support you in building your business and developing specific skills.

· You are not penalized for failing. If you fail at work, you might be fired. If you fail at an effort in your networking marketing business, you have someone to pick you up, dust you off and help you learn so you may succeed on your next attempt.

· You do not have to reinvent the wheel because the business model has already been proven to work. You're also provided with all the tools you need. You've just sat behind the wheel of a high performance vehicle and simply have to learn how to drive it.

· You keep more money in your pocket. Franchises, for example, require a large investment, you need to hire and manage employees, it takes months to set up and three to five years to break even. Most network marketing businesses can be started for less than a thousand dollars.

· Network marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry.

· In traditional business, there's a 95% chance of failure in the first five years. For franchises, there's a 30% chance of failure in the first three years. The odds of failure are great, as are the financial losses. Risk is minimal with networking marketing.

· Pure passive income. If you run a traditional business and decide to close your doors after ten years, money stops coming in. In network marketing, your efforts are cumulative. If you work five hours a week and find another person to work five hours a week, you're benefitting from the work of 10 hours a week.

· If you find 10 people to work five hours a week, you're benefitting from an additional 50 hours a week while you're only working five. Imagine getting paid for hundreds or thousands of hours a week.

· It's better than a second job because with another job, you have to spend more time away from your family and money stops coming in the moment you quit. You also pay more in personal taxes when instead you could be enjoying discounts by having a home business.

· It teaches you real business skills that benefit you for a lifetime. If you spend four years in college to receive a degree, you may find yourself with no guarantee of work or security, and forty or more thousands dollars in debt. Starting a network marketing business while in school provides you with a cushion to offset an unpredictable future.

The benefits and rewards are too big and real to ignore.

Unfortunately because of past practices of dishonest, aggressive and manipulative distributors and companies, the industry is covered in a mud that keeps the diamond from showing its true value.

I encourage you to keep an open mind on this subject and by all means, do your due diligence when an opportunity comes your way. There will always be shysters trying to pull the wool over your eyes and there will also be those who will come into your life to give you a chance to turn it into something you've always dreamed of.

2008 © Laurie Hayes – The HBB Source

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