Profitable Article Marketing – Uncover 4 No-Brainer Steps to Make Money With Article Marketing

Article marketing is popular among webmasters due to a couple of reasons. First, it is very effective in terms of traffic generation and second, it is a very uncomplicated process. Anyone can actually do it and you do not need technical skills to survive.

Here are the 4 no-brainer steps to make money with article marketing:

1. Know what it takes to make your articles widely distributed. It is not enough that your articles are informative; they must also be well-written, brief, direct to the point, free from sales pitches, keyword-rich, and factual. In addition, they must also be free from any grammar and spelling errors. Remember, your readers will judge your professionalism and expertise based on how you write your articles, so making them flawless as much as possible.

2. Identify the things that you need to avoid. To prevent your articles from being restored, you must make sure that they do not contain blatant advertisement, hyperlinks on the article body ,appropriate content, and duplicate content. They must also run at least 250 words and do not go beyond 1-3% on keyword density or you will be tagged as a keyword spammer.

3. Use your resource box effectively. Learn how to create a killer box and how to incorporate strong call to action to better entice your readers to give your website a visit.

4. Identify the best publishing sites. Article submission sites are not created equal, some of them will give you the exposure you need, while others will let your articles sit in their review page for a while, making them stagnant and useless. To make sure that you'll get your articles up and running in as little as 2 days, submit them to reputable sites like

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