Your Life May Depend On It – Everyday Tips for Personal Safety – Shopping Mall Parking Lots

Common sense and awareness are two of the most important tools you have in your personal safety and security toolkit. Here are some practical tips that you should be practicing consistently in order to prevent a crime before you become a victim. Let's start with Shopping Mall parking lot security:

1) Be Aware of where you are parking. Is the parking lot dark? Are you parking in an area that has no visibility to the store's entrance? Are there a lot of bushes where criminals can hide? Does the area seem secure, or does it make you uneasy? Pick a well lit area with good visibility. Do not park next to commercial vans with no windows or be wary if one is parked next to you when you return. Thieves could be hiding out in wait.

2) You may be parking when it's daylight, but will you be coming out when it is dark? If so, park in an area that is most likely to be populated, even if you have to walk a little farther. If your mall has a movie theater, the nearby parking area is often busy and well-patrolled.

3) Remember there is safety in crowds, so you could also wait for several other people to walk out in your general direction and head out with them.

4) Have your keys and stun gun or pepper spray in your hand before you walk out the door. Do not walk out with your head down while rummaging around in your purse for your keys or self defense tool. Be alert and aware as you walk out.

5) Do not put your purse on top of the car or on top of the trunk while you put your bags in your vehicle. It's way too tempting to thieves.

6) Putting a small child in a car seat? If possible, get in with the child and lock the doors before you start wrestling with the car seat safety restraints.

7) When you reach your vehicle, take a quick look in your backseat to make sure it is clear. As soon as you are in your vehicle, lock your doors immediately.

8) Finally, do not be timid about asking security to walk you out if you feel that the area you parked in is too dark or too deserted. Their job is to make customers secure so that you will come back again and again to shop.

By staying aware and prepared, you are well on your way to being in charge of your own personal security and safety.

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