Believe You're Beautiful, And Confidence Will Follow

Some people just seem to be bursting with confidence. They seem to be completely comfortable in all sorts of situations, looking others in the eye and not being afraid to say whatever they need to say. You can also see their confidence in the way they carry themselves.

If you are not one of those extremely confident people, you probably have to deal with insecurities about yourself. You might think that your physical appearance is flawed in some way, and because you do not feel beautiful, you do not know why other people should like you or respect you. To get over your insecurities, you probably do not need to get rid of your flaws. Instead, you need to learn to see yourself in a new way.

People tend to see the worst in themselves and focus on what is wrong with their appearance rather than what is attractive. That's probably human nature, but it is also part of a consumer culture in which advertisers target insecurities. Ads are designed to make you notice your flaws so that you will want to buy products designed to correct or cover those flaws. The strategy works well for the advertisers, but it can be disastrous for your confidence in yourself.

If you have been falling into this trap, maybe it's time to step back and change your perspective. Why do you always look at your flaws and ignore your attractive features? There's no good reason to do so! Instead, take a quick stock of your strengths. What about you is beautiful? It should not be too hard to come up with at least a few things.

Once you have figured out what your attractive features are, learn to be proud of them. Maybe you have amazing legs or big blue eyes or a fabulous skin tone. Let yourself be happy about your attractive features and forget about the features that you do not like. The bottom line is that you have to believe that you're beautiful. Quit comparing yourself to the people on the magazines.

When you really start believing in your own beauty, you will find that you do not have that old confidence problem anymore. Your insecurities melt away as you embrace the body that you have.

There's no secret way to go about doing this. Just remember that you can choose to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. When you start looking for them, you may be surprised just how many strengths you actually possess.

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