Why Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Is a Better Option

Digital marketing emphasizes on direct interaction with the user or customer rather than using just display ads. It is an engagement technique which is an effective way to develop customer loyalty. As we know, digital marketing is a very cost- efficient method of marketing. As compared to traditional methods, it is not only cheaper but also much more effective. But the dilemma is on whether it must be done in-house or outsourced. There are a number of digital agencies in the market today. Let us see why a digital agency must be rented rather than doing it in-house.

• Hiring a new employee could cost you anywhere around Rs. 20,000. And this is only for freshers. To add to this, there is the cost of training them and providing essential company benefits. On the other hand, if you get an experienced person, this sum is doubled and for a perfect professional it could be anywhere around a few lakhs. A digital agency on the other hand, would barely cost you half that price and also save you the efforts of finding the right fitting employee.

• Digital Marketing in itself is much cheaper than traditional forms of marketing. A time slot on TV, space on a little hoarding or even a little ad in the newspaper (or a front page ad) will cost you a bomb. Whereas digital simply creates brand awareness. Marketing as a whole works on two principles- Pull Approach and push approach. Push approach is mostly calling, e-mail marketing etc. But the pull approach is most effective. Digital marketing essentially follows this method. It advertizes your brand to the particular person only when he / she is actively searching for something related to your product or service. Thus, getting a higher rate of lead generation as well as conversion rate.

• Hiring an agency is not only cheaper but also gives you quality service. They come with the skills and expertise of a pro. They have years of experience on their hand and also have someone constantly working on your project. This can get your work done faster.

• Incase you are not satisfied with that agency; you could easily let them go. This is not the case with an employee. It is quite a difficult, expensive and a long procedure to remove an employee after investing much in his / her training. And after this, go through the same whole procedure of hiring someone new.
I think all of this is reason enough to out- source your digital marketing to an agency rather than doing it yourself.

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