Effective Marketing Strategies

When we think of effective marketing strategies, the place we have to start is at what will be effective for YOU. There is not one strategy that will be right for everyone. The marketing strategies that will be effective will vary, depending on who you are and who you are marketing to.

The strategy I would like to discuss in this article is for you to CHOOSE A NICHE and FOCUS on it. You can not market any business effectively if it is "one of many." What I mean by that is that, if you are trying to run three businesses that are clearly not related to each other, you are going to have a very difficult time being effective in any of them. It takes a lot of time to run and market a business, so if you're trying to run and market three businesses, it will be difficult to do a great job at any one of them. Also, you will most likely be targeting different groups of people with each business, which takes a lot of marketing effort to reach all the groups. Lastly, it will not be clear to anyone (not even you!) What you actually do.

So, choose one niche and stick with it. Learn all you can about the needs of your market, and determine how you can offer them a solution to their need. Become an expert in your niche, so you will be the "go to" person for help. As you learn more about your niche, you will need to let people know how knowledgeable you are. This can be done through a variety of strategies, without you having to "sell" yourself. As people find out how much you know, you will be the one they immediately think of when they need a solution. That is what you want – your name to be the one that comes to mind when people need help.

If you want to offer a variety of services to provide more income, make sure they are related and of interest to the same market group. For example, if you provide medical billing for dentists, you could offer medical transcription and coding also for dentists. You could offer it all under the umbrella concept of Medical Office Services for Dentists. You see, you would still be marketing to dentists and all of your services are related.

Or you could combine two or more of your interests / skills into one business. For instance, if you love being with new moms, and you have found a line of natural facial products that you really like and would like to sell, you could combine the two and offer to do facials at new mom gatherings. Imagine how well these would be. What new mom can not use a renewed feeling?

As you can see, one of the most effective marketing strategies is to focus on one niche and become well-known in the field. By becoming an expert in that niche, your name will precede you and business will begin coming to you. So, I ask you, what is your niche going to be?

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