Learn All About Ultra Refined Fish Oil

Should the opportunity ever arise to purchase ultra refined fish oil, it is best to grab the opportunity and grab it. Ultra refined fish oil is molecularly distilled which is a process that removes the toxins and contaminants that are found in our oceans and rivers. When a product is molecularly distilled, it is a process, which safely and effectively removes the toxins from the fish oil. This also classifies this product as a pharmaceutical grade product and you can be reassured that your fish oil has been purified and safe for human consumption.

The rise in industry is an ever-expanding business and it makes the pollution, an increasing problem in which the fish that were caught and consumed many years ago were once safe and ‘good for you’. The fish that exist today, exist in polluted waters for the most part and if the product you wish to purchase is not ultra refined fish oil, chances are you are getting some of those toxins such as mercury and other PCBs in your fish oil product.

It isn’t unheard of that some fish from specific streams and rivers are too contaminated to even fry over your campfire. The best thing for us to do is turn to supplements from reliable companies that can remove those toxins before we ingest them.

Another alternative to ‘wild’ fresh fish is to harvest the essential Omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA; this is to turn to the farmed fish industry. This isn’t always a wise choice due to the feeding habits of the fish that are mainly fed pellets and that is completely unnatural from the regular diet of all different forms of algae.

Algae contains many types of vitamins and minerals too that the fish in turn, use to create such high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. If it weren’t for a rich diet in aquatic plants, these fish would never have the levels of these fatty acids that they have. This renders farmed fish to be less desirable as well as not providing adequate levels of EPA and DHA.

The Benefits of Ultra Refined Fish Oil

The benefits of ultra refined fish oil lies totally in the selection you have made because fish oils that are not molecularly distilled can contain harmful toxins from our environment and will be extremely low grade. Always be sure that you purchase pharmaceutical grade products.

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