The 5 Deadly Sins To Avoid When Beginning A Fitness & Nutrition Program

In the health and fitness industry today we are bombarded by pills, potions, exercise machines, DVDs and the new magical way to lose weight, tone the body, and get the results we want. Sadly, most of these promises are just empty claims from big companies trying to increase profits. With most ‘solutions’ not working people become desperate to get the weight off. And the big companies and chains are capitalizing off of your desperation and they’re leading you in the wrong direction. Your first step should be to STOP the nonsense. Stop the fad diets. Stop the pills and potions. Stop all of the hype! You must realize that permanent weight loss must be achieved through diet and exercise.

So here are 5 deadly sins to avoid when starting your program:

1.Weight loss without exercising. You must exercise in order to boost your metabolism and in turn lose body fat. This of course must be combined with proper nutrition. If one restricts their eating but does not change any of their habits you will not be in control of what your body can accomplish and maintain.

2.Fasting. This is a big red flag and a sign that the program does not have any validity to it. This does not have anything to do with cleansing, which is a whole other subject. But fasting to lose weight slows the metabolism down to a crawl and will ultimately lead to binging and gaining more weight.

3.Improper food plans. An effective and healthy meal plan will consist of proper amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. A plan or diet restricting one or more of these can be dangerous. We all know the Atkins diet. And it may have worked for you. But the question remains, did it last? I have never heard of someone that has experienced permanent weight loss with Atkins.

4.Failure to measure and track body fat percentage. Realistic weight loss plans will suggest losing 1-2 pounds per week. Most plans don’t distinguish between overall body weight and body fat. A good plan will help you build muscle, or lean tissue. This type of tissue is more metabolically active and burns more calories, however, does weigh more. Although overall weight is important, losing body fat weight is what the real goal should be.

5.Relying on supplements only. This can be a dangerous way to lose weight. Relying on pills or shakes to achieve healthy weight loss is not safe and ultimately not effective. Supplements do have there role in healthy nutrition and I do recommend them. But to only be drinking shakes or taking pills morning, day and night is not safe and will not be a permanent solution.

A good, healthy fitness and nutrition plan will help you achieve the goals you want while making the results permanent. This may take time. There is no magic pill. Ask yourself how long it took you to put the weight on. Be realistic and put your mind to it. You can have a better body in as little as 90 days and feel better than ever!

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