Dugis World of Warcraft Guide

This is the guide accountable for changing me from a “newbie” into a professional WoW gamer. I always seemed to be behind other players and for once I craved to be with them or better ahead. I tried begging to the high level gamers to indicate to me their know-hows but they were just too “tied up” to even bother with a “pathetic newbie”. And so I came across The World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide it was created by genuine gamers and as it comes with 60 day money back guarantee I decided to check it out.

The Ultimate WoW guide turned me into a actual professional and I mean professional. After I followed through it all I had a level 80 Blood Elf with all the gold I could possibly require. The Ultimate WoW Guide is the only guide that comes with EVERYTHING altogether in one package. It’s the complete package.

The first thing I did was seek to get my character to level 80. I already had my Blood elf at level 26 so I had a little off a head start. I started by watching the install videos and I promptly installed the In Game Add-on and I was set up to go. The Add-on automatically configured itself to fit my demands level, class, world, and location. This Add-on was made to point to you the BEST possible questing order and with the Map Add-on I was literally showed the fastest path right on my game map which saved up a lot travelling time. This guide genuinely works for you and the quest log is elaborate with lots of hints and tips.

One thing that separates The Ultimate WoW Guide from other guides is that it includes a great quest guide that will show you how to complete the quests for your particular class. For me I was able to quickly complete all my Blood Elf quests and all with the in game Add-on.

I plowed ahead and followed the Talent guide that they specified for my class this is optional I selected to follow it because I was never truly good on choosing what to spend my points on. There is a talent guide for every individual class and it’s also in game so you never have to minimise the screen to check it out. I choose not to follow the Gear Guide they enclosed because I like picking out my own stuff to fit my playing style but the gear guide is pretty beneficial if you really would like to be maximising your gear then its there to help you.

I was able to get my level 26 Blood Elf to level 80 in only 2 weeks and it could have been faster but because of school and my part-time job I can’t play as much as most players.

After reaching level 80 I had to start to focus on getting some gold. The Ultimate WoW Guide comes with a extensive gold guide that demonstrates you how to make 500+ gold an hour. I learned that what I previously thought about choosing professions was frighteningly wrong.

I thought that the best professions for a Blood elf were jewel crafting and enchanting and this guide showed me I was very wrong. I started levelling my professions to 450 with the Profession Guide which showed me the most efficient way to level. After I had my professions maxed out I was filthy rich.

The Gold guide includes an Auction house video which helped me since I had never used the auction house before. Since I now had gold I was able to use the auction house to make huge amounts of gold. I was able to make about 350 gold an hour after I figured out all the tricks.

PVP Guide

Now that I was level 80 and had tons of gold I could finally begin enjoying the best part of The World of Warcraft. The Ultimate WoW Guide comes with a PVP Guide that showed me how to master. This guide is crucial to acquiring other class’s failings.

The guide also includes 2vs2 Arena Strategies which was very enthusiastically applied by me and my friend who helped in the matches he has a restoration Elf.

I’m actually just finished running through this guide since dominating PVP is far-off from easy. My rating has definitely shot up but I’m still finding out all the different strategies for all the different situations.

Interactive Forum

If you ever have any questions or need any help there is members only support forum there to help you. If you ever need an answer to a question you can find it here they are quick and efficient and very helpful.


This is the definitely the best all round World of Warcraft guide as it covers all the aspects of the game. It gets updated constantly so you’re always one step ahead of others. This guide can really get anybody of any level to a pro level quick a must buy if you want to be a pro at this game.

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