School Bullying Stopped: 5 Ways to Zap School Bullies with the Facts!

So, there is a bully that you just can not catch! You have been trying for years and no luck!

Well, I have learned with good documentation, anything is possible – even building a great case for catching that hardcore bully.

1. I keep a large file card on each student that I speak with, and the bullies are usually referred to me at some point.

On this card, I make note of the date of the conference and generally what the student and I spoke about. If the student is referred to guidance for peer mediation, that is documented too.

2. If this bully is tormenting tons of kids, I put out a memo to the team of teachers who have the bully in class, and ask them to jot down any bully or teething behavior they see or hear from the bully.

3. The students who are reporting that the bully is bothering them are asked to write down "exactly" what the bully is saying with the date. Even if what the bully is saying is obscene or gross, I ask the students to write verbatim what the bully is saying to them.

4. Most schools have students for more than one year. Our school has 5 grades, so we have students from 4th to 8th grades. You can pull out documentation from previous years to add your information from the current year.

5. In my opinion, a bully does not start the school year with a "clean slate." Pull out your notes on this hardcore bully from past years and add it to your current facts for this school year.

Amazing documentation for zapping a hardcore bully might take you a few months to accumulate.

But, as we all know a bully "bullies" and eventually the staff will catch them and document their bullying.

Getting adequate documentation may take some time, but you will ever get enough to either remove or rehabilitate the bully.

So, get out your file cards and start documenting! The more accidents of bullying you can cite, the better. And, thanks for helping kids deal with bullies!

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By Paula McCoach

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