How to Build Abs – Foods You Have to Give Up to Get That Flat Stomach

Although exercise plays a major role on how to build abs, you can’t just rely on crunches to get you that perfect six-pack abs. Ripped abs is a production of regular exercise and of a careful diet. You need to find a way to get those two things together in order for you to start seeing results.

Your diet doesn’t have to consist of eating a grapefruit for lunch. You certainly don’t have to starve yourself for you to get those abs. It is essential however that you stay clear of these following foods that can set you back on your goal of having washboard abs.

High Glycemic Foods

Stay away from foods that have a high glycemic index. A food’s glycemic index is the measure of how that food elevates your blood sugar levels. Foods that have a high glycemic index, usually indicated by a glycemic value of at least 70, gives you bursts of energy after its intake. However, this level of satiety won’t last very long.

Once your energy dies down, you’ll start having hunger pangs and cravings once more. This will make you eat more than what is recommended which will then compromise the exercise regimen you have selected of how to build abs.

Most processed foods have a high glycemic index. By processed foods, I mean your white bread and sugary treats. These processed foods cannot sustain your energy for long periods of time and you’ll find yourself hungry in a short time. Opt instead for its high fiber counterparts. Instead of using white bread for your turkey sandwich, use wheat bread instead.


Numerous studies have shown that including a bulk of trans-fatty foods in your diet can increase belly fat thus is contrary on how to build abs. Trans-fat is different from the healthy kind of fat available in natural products because it is synthetic. The process of hydrogenation transforms a saturated, vegetable oil into partially hydrogenated oil. Most of our snack products are packed with trans-fat. Instead of reaching for a brownie the next time you need a pick-me-up, opt for a safer mixed nuts instead.

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