The Light: Great Vibrations

Realistically, there comes a signal time in all of our lives, where we all get enlightened or have a serious epiphany in some ways. Some people it genuinely changes for the better. Some people stay the same or get worse because of it, because it is too “unbelievable”, and others become genuinely great because of it. I am going to write about those who become genuinely great or change for the better in this article on “great vibrations” and “the light”. For, all the time in life, there is a certain way everything must flow, and that signal tells us consciously where to flow unlike the natural forces that tell an ocean or a river where it must flow. Yes, everything in our lives comes down to motivation and thought in that order. Without those two forces from within us and acting upon us, life is nothing. Without that directing power within us being active, life is nothing. With that purpose, reality and directing power, we are everything, we do not just have everything.

Right now, I am thinking of Claude Myron Bristol’s books “TNT: It Rocks The Earth” and “The Magic of Believing”. Sure, they are two small books, but they have the biggest ideas of all: The part the power of genuine direction and empowered thought play in our lives. That is a simple idea, but it is the most great, and spiritually expanding power there is when it comes to reality. Because all invention comes from this sort of thought right down to the light bulb that lights the room and the computer I am typing this article on or anything or any convenience there is.

Have you ever thought this thought?: “We are what we vibrate.” or “Without spiritual mind, we are nothing.” The most powerful thing in existence is to understand, especially when it is an understanding that takes us to more interesting places than we are. When we unconsciously and consciously raise our vibrations we go to these great places even if we are in the “best” or “worst” of places in our lives. After all, what do you think is really meant by “All is within, and nothing is without.”?

Thinking about these realities, we really are what we vibrate to be and sure, I agree totally with Rene Descartes saying things like “I think, therefore I am.”, but to expand on that reality, we must do more than observe ourselves and be happy or better ourselves, although that is a great start, we must expand and enlighten what we observe to genuinely higher levels. Sure, it is “As above, so below and as within, so without.” but we must take practical actions to unite the within and without, above and below, so everything genuinely works for us. After all bridges, ways through and great realities are built and not given to us easily.

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