The Downside of Homeschooling

Homeschooling has become really popular these past years especially with children who are tired of the old school routine. With homeschooling, students enjoy greater freedom, flexibility and dynamism. Still, there are some that do not feel that the homeschooling program is for everyone. Some believe that not all children can benefit from the program and that specific groups of children are the only ones who can get the most out of homeschool.

Below are some of the arguments against the home-school program. Read on and consider each before making a decision.

A question of time

Home-school may provide greater flexibility on time for the kids but it will eat up a lot of the free time that parents have. This is because, most parents are also the teachers of homeschooling children. Ideally, one parent should remain at home and teach the child but this can not work with moms and dads who have careers of their own.

With the worksheets and teaching that one has to do, home schooling can be really time consuming. It is best that parents first take a look at their schedules before putting their children to home-school.

A question of money

Most would think that homeschooling is cheaper. In terms of materials and actual lessons, it is much cheaper but remember that with this educational program, one partner will often have to forgo work and go full-time in teaching the child. This can be a huge sacrifice for the family especially if both incomes are needed to pay the bills.

A question of social interaction

One of the things that many feel puts the homeschooling program to a disadvantage is the fact that studying inside the home de-emphasizes social interaction, which children also need in order to function well in the real world. This is especially important with children who are at the stage when they are still developing their social skills and are just beginning to communicate.

They need the presence of other children to develop their emotional maturity. Being close at home with only their siblings and their parents to talk to may result in a too-sheltered personality that may not be able to cope with the pressures of real life.

A question oforms

Despite being really popular, homeschooling remains to be an alternative to traditional schooling. This means that there are some institutions that still have doubts on the effectiveness of the system. This can pose a problem when parents decide to enroll their kids to mainstream schools.

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