Football Party Games to Keep the Crowd Entertained

If you're hosting a football party, games can be a great source of half-time entertainment – and keep the laughs rolling until well after the final whistle has blown. Here are a couple of ideas to entertain the guests at your football party:

"Football Charades" Football Party Game

When it comes to football party games, you can not get much better than football charades. With this variant of the classic miming game, a set of cards with football-related words on them must be prepared prior to the party. Suggestions include 'cheerleader', 'spectator', 'hotdog', 'touchdown', 'quarterback', 'goal' and 'pass'. The first contingent must choose a card and act out the word shown, with the first person to correctly guess the word being the next one to choose a card.

"Football-tossing Competition" Football Party Game

This is a classic among football party games, especially after the beer has started flowing !! Using a hoop or a basket as a target, contestants must try and throw the football into or through the target. If players succeed at their first attempt, they must move further away from the target and try again. Once a player misses the target, they are out of the football party game. Make the game more challenging (and entertaining to watch!) By making players wear a blindfold or spin around 5 times before throwing the football. The winner of this football party game is the last player left standing.

When it comes to hosting a football party, games can be the difference between a good party and a great one. Whether their team wins or loses, almost everyone is guaranteed to have a great time.

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