Magnetic Energy Generators – DIY Renewable Energy

If you want a completely self sufficient alternative energy power source, there are very few choices. Sure, there are a lot of renewable energy power systems, solar, wind, and others, but there are draw backs with these sources. One of them is that some are not that widely available, like geothermal, and water turbine electricity. Solar is a very popular form of renewable energy, and can be used just about anywhere, but there are drawback to this as well. One of them of course is that the sun is only available half the day, and without battery backup to store surplus solar energy, you are left in the dark at night. Then what if you live in an area where there are four seasons? In the winter, the sun shine is hit or miss, and sometimes doesn’t come out for days.

Wind turbines are also a good idea, but they too have drawbacks. For one, you need a certain amount of wind to turn the turbine enough to produce the minimum require electricity. While you can make vertical axis turbines that are smaller and are able to pick up wind at lower speeds, unless you live in an area where there is a constant supply of wind, then this type of power source isn’t going to be that efficient. You can combine the two, solar with wind, but again, there are the draw backs mentioned.

But wait, there’s hope yet. While certainly not new, magnetic generators have been suppressed for a long time, mainly by big business power companies who say that these types of alternative power sources, are not reliable. NOT TRUE. In fact, magnetic generators work better than people think, are not that expensive to make, and can be as small as a regular emergency generator. These systems don’t rely on the wind, or the sun, or really any kind of external energy source, therefore can be used anywhere on the planet.

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The principle of magnetic generators is relatively simple, and any one who has played with magnets can understand the concept. Using the repelling force of magnets, you can set in motion a generator that creates an electromagnetic field, producing free and abundant electricity. The generator is set up with two sets of magnets, one on the generating cylinder, and the other set inside the outer casing. These magnets push away from each other, causing rotation and a electrical field. Once set in motion, they will continue to spin indefinitely, without much maintenance at all. The faster they spin, the more electricity is created.

You can find DIY magnetic generator plans online, and through various companies. These kits come complete with all the instructions, lists of parts and diagrams on how to build your own. You can even buy most of the necessary materials from local hardware and home improvement outlets, bringing the cost of making these kinds of power sources down quite considerably. The actual cost depends a lot on where you get the DIY kits from, and where you buy the supplies, but suffice it to say that you can spend under $500 on one of them, much less than the cost of some of the other alternative power sources.

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