Turn Your Life Around Now

IDENTIFYING your most prominent thoughts is the first step to Turning Your Life Around. Start by using either a hand-held tape recorder, or a small spiral notebook that fits in to your pocket / purse. First thing in the morning be aware of what your waking thought is. Are you continuously beating yourself up for something you did not do? Are you criticizing someone else or yourself for not being good enough? Are you planning a disaster? Yes, you do plan disasters. We all do it. Where you are in the "movies of your mind" is where you will eventually end up. So, check the movie that you are playing, check the tape recorder in your mind as well. Most ofen, I have found through counseling thousands of people in over twenty years, those that deem themselves unsuccessful are playing re-runs in the "movies of their mind."

Now you must implement CHANGE. Step Two is to CHANGE the movie you are running, or the tape you are running in your mind. So, jot down exactly what it is you desire to achieve. Let's say, for instance that you want to have a better basketball player. Get out your notebook, or your tape recorder, and change the script. Write down, or speak things such as: "I love getting up every day because I continuously fulfill my goals and that MAKES ME FEEL GOOD! When I feel good, everything in my life gets better quickly." Then SEE YOURSELF as someone who is ten feet tall. Making a basket is easy for you. In fact, it almost seems silly because it is so easy. Each time you put your hands on a basketball you make every shot no matter where you stand. You hear the crowd clapping and INSIDE YOU FEEL EXCITED AND PROUD AND ENTHUSIASTIC! I can see the basketball movie in my mind just by saying these words. So, MAKE YOUR SUCCESS … the movie that you are running on the movie theater in your mind.

The third step is to TAKE STEPS TO INSURE YOUR SUCCESS. Insuring your success means you need to MONITOR yourself. and GET IN MOTION. EMOTION is one of the most important elements in a successful mental movie. Get excited about the premier of your new mental movie. Be sure that you are continuing to take the garbage foot out of the old script. Let go of the pot pot scenes, the poor-me mentality. Check your 'mind talk' at least once per day for a month. After that check it once per week. Then, pat yourself on the back each time you have a small success. Make your initial goals easily attainable, then branch out from there to something you thought you could not achieve. Before you know it you will be SUCCESSFUL BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION !!

We are all the reporters and directors of our own movies. You can choose the cast of characters in your movie. Choose to be with people who support your movie. Be with people who want you to be successful. Believe it or not, this may be a small crowd of people. Avoid getting spoken into situations where people have negative attitudes about anything. Drop the dead wood in your life. LET GO OF THE THINGS THAT HAVE HELD YOU BACK. Things like your belief structure. If you do not believe that you are capable of achieving your deepest desire, you will not achieve it. So, HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF and take the necessary steps starting now, to produce the movie that you wish to live.


Wishing you all of your dreams come true. If you would like more information about LIVING A CHARMED LIFE, check out http://www.totallywell.com and there are more motivational articles for you to read.
Until next time, live the rich life of your dreams.

Janet Angel – Ph.D.

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