Tips for Marketing a Small Business – Save Time, Trouble, and Money by Marketing With Videos

One of the least attractive aspects of selling product online is your prospect's ability to sample, feel, and handle the merchandise. This can lead to increased costs in returns and customer complaints, as well as unnecessary calls to your sales or answer desk.

So, one of our favorite Tips for Marketing a Small Business: Marketing with videos to promote your product can help to greatly reduce these problems because it allows you to, "drop your product in their lap." Once they've seen your product in use, they'll have a much better understanding of its features and benefits; as well as when it will satisfy their needs.

Reduce Unnecessary Calls to your Answer Desk

Through the use of "How to" videos, which explain the proper use of your product, as well as what to expect from it, your prospective customer will have many few questions which need to be answered. This will greatly reduce the number of calls to you sales or answer desk.

Seeing real people using your product effectively, and seeing their satisfaction at the result, will generate a sense of ownership in your prospect, compelling them to buy, not simply ask more questions and put off the buying decision. Marketing with videos is the most effective means of achieving this goal.

Reduce Customer Complaints

Through the use of video "Tutorials" your prospective customer will gain a much more realistic understanding of what to expect from your product. This will greatly reduce the number of customer complaints you receive, which means you have more satisfied customers, and may lead to many more testimonials instead.

Marketing with videos allows your prospect to watch you teach them what your product can do for them. This will cement a trusting relationship between you and them. This sense of trust will continue to grow once they receive their purchase from you and realize your widget does exactly what you said it would.

Save Money with Fewer Returns

Realistic expectations of the product on offer, as well reflecting the features and benefits of that product, are what lead to a satisfied customer. The use of video in online marketing is unique in its ability to aid your prospect in these areas. The reduction in returns will keep the profits from the sale where they belong, in your account.

If your product is as advertised, there is no need to return it. Even if the product is not exactly what they needed, if it was presented correctly and the error lies with them, they are much less likely to return it. This will save you money.

Not only does marketing with videos help the customer decide what to buy, relieving them of the fear of buying from a stranger and at a distance, it also benefits the offering company – you. How much simpler would it have been for the offering company to make that sale? How many customer complaints might never have come in? How many product returns might they have avoided because their customer knew exactly what they were buying?

Through the use of marketing with videos, you will reduce unnecessary questions and customer complaints, as well as reducing the number of returns you receive. What a simple way fro your business to save time, trouble, and money.

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