Article Marketing – How to Use Article Marketing for a Local Business

I think that article-marketing would be just as effective in a local business, as it is for me. I know a number of people that use article-marketing to promote niche websites. Not local websites, but niche sites that do not have anything to do with internet marketing. And the article-marketing that they do is just as productive as the one that I do.

Now I do not have any personal experience with anyone who has done it on a local basis .. My guess would be that the articles should be geared both towards the subject and also include the locality in that article.

And as for keywords, I think that two things would happen. Number one: search-engine rankings would go up, just like with any other article-marketing. And number two, the people that would read those articles, for example, dog-training in Denver ..

If someone were to read that article and there's a prototype a dog-training [sic] brick-and-mortar company right here in Denver – then I think that there would be some significant traffic driven to their website.

I think that there would be a little bit of an overlap – or a bleed-out. Because some people that do not live in Denver would read that article, and sometimes want to do business. So I would recommend that if someone was building a local business, and writing articles, that although they would set up two links.

One link for local people – and then another link that would go to another site that would allow them to monetize that traffic, somehow. Or even someone else's site, and again have some type of a commission structure, or a linking structure. So that someone is not living in Denver but still wants that product and likes that article, then that particular visitor could be monetized.

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