Article Marketing – Example of Tracking and Testing for Article Marketing III

There are days when I submit an article – and someone published my article – I may get one-thousand page-views, in three hours. I like to look at surprises. Over the course of a week, I have one-thousand page-views per day. If I look at my traffic from EzineArticles, and I see that out of that one-thousand, every single day – or, seven thousand for the week, I see that I've got about seven-hundred visitors. From there, I average about forty-percent on my Squeeze-Page. So I've got two-hundred and eighty subscribers. Those are not my weekly numbers – but, that's how I come up with these numbers.

Then, I can pull my ezinearticles data from several months before. I can pull one month – I can go back to August and copy-and-paste it into an Excel Spreadsheet. I can look at how many page-views I got per article that was published, nine-months ago. I can look at the average amount of page views that I get per article. I find that is a more accurate method than, taking everything that I've got, grouping it altogether, and coming up with a number. If I write an article today, it does not make me as much money today as an article that I wrote nine months ago. It's been circulating the internet for nine months. Granted, I do not get as much traffic out of an article that I wrote nine months ago than I get for one that I wrote today. There's still an cumulative effect.

My conversion rate is about ten percent. For example, if I get one-thousand page-views, I'm going to get about one-hundred visitors. My conversion rate on my average Squeeze-Page is around forty percent. So if I get one-thousand page views, I'm going to get around forty subscribers. When I use that number, I'm looking at articles that are more than ninety days old. Obviously, articles that are not more than ninety days old are going to have a lower average number of total subscribers from them. I am generating – putting all of my articles together – around ten articles per visitor, that I write. For articles that have been online for more than ninety days, I'm guess that I'm close to six subscribers per article.

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