The Best Network Marketing Companies

When you ask what are the best network marketing companies, that is a rather interesting question to answer.

You see in this industry finding the best network marketing company comes down to what it is you are trying to accomplish.

If you are looking to earn a few hundred dollars a month, that can be done with almost any company, however if you are looking to earn the dream lifestyle of financial freedom that takes a certain type of company.

So in this article when answering the question what are the best network marketing companies. I am going to assume that you are like me and want to attain the dream lifestyle.

It is crucial that you understand that in the network marketing industry there are really 4 types of companies.

1) These are the scams and schemes, they exist in this industry, although I hesitate to call them network marketing companies.

How can you avoid one of these? Well, typically they have no product associated with them to start, and second if when you are invited to a meeting and they tell you cash only and not to bring any lawyer or police friends, that is a clue!

2) The party planners are some of the best network marketing companies…. IF and this is a BIG IF….. You are only looking to make a few hundred dollars a month and enjoy retail selling product to your friends and family. Some examples here are the tupperware companies, the candle companies and the kitchen supply companies.

3) The Old Guys. When it comes to the network marketing industry, these guys are the giants and have been around for many years! From the eyes of a novice these companies may appear to be some of the best network marketing companies in the industry. I mean they have been around for years so they are stable, they have a track record of success, their product is proven, etc…….

But do not be fooled……. With these mature companies the opportunity to create wealth is gone……. The people who created wealth with these network marketing companies, did so years ago, during the start up phase (typically first 10 years) of the companies growth….

Playing it safe never leads to wealth…

So that leads us to…..

4) Category 4 are the best network marketing companies.

These companies are the new companies, who are showing a real viable chance of becoming the next giant in the industry.

The key is to find one, position yourself within the first ten years, go to work and become part of the reason for the growth of the company, this is where the real wealth in this industry is created, the walk away, drink out of a coconut, residual income wealth we desire.

Here are some tips to help you with your search for the best network marketing companies:

  • typically they are the first to market with a new product innovation,
  • have incredible funding
  • have a highly experienced management team
  • and have a leadership team that can guide their distributors to the top.

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