Google Redirect Fix – Stop This Virus Blocking Your Internet and Remove It Fast

If your PC is infected with the Google redirect virus you it is hard enough to remove it and just as hard to stop it blocking your internet and sending you to malicious sites you really do not want to visit at all.

here are the steps you need to take to get a Google redirect fix and to protect your computer.

The first part will stop it blocking and redirecting your internet connection and the second part will help you to remove this malware fast.

1. Restart your computer. When your computer starts, but before windows starts up press the "F8" key on your keyboard and keep pressing it until you see a list of options.
Scroll down to the "Safe Mode with Networking" option and then press enter.
3. Open internet explorer and click on the tools menu at the top and then click on internet options.
4. Once in there click on connections and then click on the LAN settings.
5. Now you will see the LAN settings. Make sure you untick the box that says Use a proxy server for your LAN under the Proxy Server section and then select ok.

What the above step does is prevent this malware from sending you to the internet via its own connection and gives you back a direct internet connection again.

At this point do not restart your computer. If you want a Google redirect fix you need to stay in safe mode and then carry out the next step to get rid of the Google redirect virus for good.

1. Download a system and registry scanner. This will scan windows for this malware and more importantly will also scan the registry as well, which is where the settings for it are. Many people try to remove this malware manually and it comes back in hours, this is because you need to remove every trace of it and ensure your internet connection is fixed as well.

2. Run a full scan to help you to find this virus and any other malicious software it has helped install on your computer.

3. Follow the instructions to help you rid yourself of the Google redirect virus for good and get a Google redirect fix to stop this malware coming back.

If you find you can not connect to the Internet or your browser is constantly being redirected to malicious and third party sites you need to follow these instructions now to get your computer back to normal and to remove this malware which is slowing down your computer and redirecting all your internet connection.

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