The Top 3 Things To Avoid When Doing Email Marketing

If you have an opt-in list, then you must know how to properly send your promotional emails to your list. You can do several things to make your promotion successful and avoid complications. Subscribers can easily unsubscribe from your list if you do not do your promotion correctly. It is easy to get subscribers but do you know how to keep them in your list?

There is also the problem with law and the internet service providers, which you must avoid being in problems with. Several internet users are now days protected from spammers and unwanted emails by their laws rules and regulations. This is because email marketing is the cheapest way of marketing, therefore many companies have opted for email marketing when they are promoting their products. This had led to the sending of a few unwanted promotional email to their opt-in list.

When doing email marketing you must avoid this scenario and make your list comfortable with what you are providing. The person who subscribed to your list agreed to receive your promotional emails and your newsletters. Also know that people are usually afraid of subscribing to a person or a company because they do not want multiple emails into their email inbox everyday. They therefore subscribe with an email they do not use regularly and when they see you are providing nice information, they unsubscribe and subscribe with their real emails. Therefore you must put unsubscribe link on your emails.

Investment on email marketing is worth it, because you would get the results if you do it right. There are tools online you can use to manage your list and to easily send emails to your list. In email marketing you must keep yourself and business legitimate and clean. Here are the three things to avoid when doing email marketing.

1) Note those emails that were not successful.

The emails may not reach the intended recipient. You must know all the details if you want to succeed in email marketing. If the server was busy when you send the email then the email would be send at another time but not at that time. Also it possibly caused by full inbox of the recipient and also the other reasons are the email provided is invalid, you did not spell the email properly or the email has been left and removed. Remove all those emails from your list that are not working, that is if the email does not go through when you send it. Check for the spelling and if some words were left on your email list.

2) Put an unsubscribe feature in your site and an unsubscribe link in your mails.

There are people who would want to be removed from your list. The reasons for them wanting to unsubscribe is many like, they have gotten want they wanted or they simply want to change their email address. You must obey their wishes and remove them from your list, because if you continue sending them emails you would be doing something illegal. Therefore you must have must put an unsubscribe feature in your site and emails. This is to avoid you from being reported by the members of your list who want to unsubscribe. This would put you in problems and you will lose many subscribers.

3) Never ever write about scary things on your newsletters and do not provide porn.

You do not know the age of the person in your list and how they would react with this kind of material. Others might enjoy it but others would take it seriously and they would unsubscribe from your list or even report you. Therefore, you must always provide honest and truthful information to your list. Also avoid spreading rumors to the members of your list. Stick to what you form the list for and not other things.

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