Interested in Investing in Cape Haze Real Estate?

Located on the southern Gulf of Mexico, Cape Haze is surrounded by water. There are literally miles of beaches waiting to be discovered, and the area is rich in history. Today, it is a true playground for residents and visitors alike.

History of Cape Haze, Florida

The Cape Haze area was originally settled by the Calusa and Timucua tribes. These Native Americans were no doubt drawn by the rich bounty of fish to be had from the clear waters just off shore. European explorers historically settled in the region, and by the late 1800s, the Cape Haze peninsula was settled by European farmers and fishermen.

Cape Haze was chosen as the site for a large (35,000 acre) cattle ranch built by Alfred and William Vanderbilt. Their holdings took up most of the areas known today as Cape Haze, Cape Haze East, Windward, South Gulf Cove, and Rotunda.

The Vanderbilt brothers did not stop here, though. They obtained oil and gas exploration leases and started drilling east of SR 771, but were not successful in this venture. Next, the Vanderbilts began to picture the Cape Haze area as one that would suit vacation and retirement homes, as well as permanent residences.

The Vanderbilts joined forces with Jim Costigan, who was a friend of Alfred's, for their real estate business. The group started work on developing the Cape Haze area in the 1950s. The first step was to construct sea walls and bring in dirt fill to shape the future residential area that is the Cap Haze subdivision. At that point a bridge connected Cape Haze and Don Pedro Island. This structure was permanently removed in the early 1960s, when the Intracoastal Waterway was dredged.

Most of William's real estate holdings were sold to Alfred in 1967. Alfred, in turn, sold the ranch he had built in the 1950s to Cavanagh Leasing Corporation of Miami. The Cape Cave Corporation, a division of Cavanaugh, continued with the development efforts the Vanderbilts had started.

Cape Haze and Florida Recreation

With an average temperature of 88 degrees, it's no wonder that Cape Haze is considered one of the most popular vacation destinations in Florida. Visitors have many types of activities to choose from, from several kinds of water sports to hiking trails, water parks, and amusement parks.

If you enjoy sailing, kayaking, canoeing, or fishing, then Cape Haze will seem like a paradise to you. In fact, this part of the Punta Gorda metro area is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the state.

If you prefer to spend your leisure time on dry land, Cape Haze is within 20 miles or less of several golf courses and tennis courts. Two state parks are located close by, and the Cedar Point Environmental Center offers visitors more than 85 acres of hiking trails.

Does the idea of ​​spending the day at a theme park or water park appeal to you? From the Cape Haze area, you can drive to Kidstar Park in Port Charlotte in just a few minutes. Busch Gardens Tampa and Cypress Gardens Adventure Park are also located less than 90 miles away.

With all the activities available within reasonable driving distance, it's no wonder that Cape Haze is so popular with vacationers and permanent residents alike!

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