Email Marketing – Your Inbox

Email Marketing , as the name suggests, is the marketing done through emails. It is the business of presenting, advertising and selling a company's products through the electronic mail. It is a powerful and cost-effective means to marketing for both established businesses or new start ups. As Internet Marketing grew, the potential of eMail Marketing was realized and capitalized on by all and sundry.

Vis-a-vis conventional marketing, eMail Marketing is as easy as ABC (after all, is not wonderful that your audience finds your communication right in his / her inbox; a far cry from the 'salesman-at-the-door' 'and otherwise)! Emails could be sent to acquire new customers, retain old customers while reinforcing the relationship or it could be advertisements within the eMails of other companies sent to their customers. Email Marketing has many advantages. It is a cheap and cheerful method. Our first port of call on the internet is of course our email! It has a wide reach and is easy to track. It ensures a higher ROI when done comprehensively. Now, what more could one ask for!

However, it has a flip side too. SPAM (unsolicited bulk emails) is an anathema to everyone (except the progenitor of course) and it is often difficult for the recipient to separate the wheat from the chaff, which means your innocent emails may get the ax (and it often does). As if this is not enough, your legitimate emails may sometimes get blocked! Also, it is important that your emails adhere to the applicable rules which regulate SPAM. Above all, these disadvantages are merely illustrative and not exhaustive!

The above account should make it clear that a comprehensive and successful eMail Marketing Campaign [] would (read 'will') inevitably require a firm with expertise and prowess. ePurple Media has an impressive track record of eMail Marketing, among other things. We tailor-make your eMail Marketing Campaign and manage everything – copy writing, creative designing, management & delivery, live reporting, Viral Marketing and the like; from conception to execution. When business is good, it pays to hire us; when business is bad, you have got to hire us!

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