The New Style of Internet Marketing "Guru"

The New Style Of Internet Marketing "Guru"

Do we need a new style of "Internet Marketing Guru"? You bet your bottom dollar we do.Everyone I speak to tends to agree with me. Instead of the usual style "GURU" who, once you`re on his list hits you with every offer that the world and his brother have churned out "MAGIC THIS", "AMAZING THAT", "YOU CAN`T DO WITHOUT THIS" , "MAKE A FORTUNE WITH NO PRODUCT NO LIST AND NO WEBSITE", and on and on it goes as we all know. Open your in box and there they junk after junk after junk.

Well do not despair because there is another type of "guru" on the scene now and this type of "GURU" is the way forward for internet marketing. This type of "GURU" does not hit you every day with rubbish offer after offer in the hope of making a commission or adding more subscribers to its or her list. Instead they GIVE.

They GIVE information, they GIVE instruction, they give videos, They answer your emails and your questions.They tell you where to get free stuff rather than persuading you to buy it from their affiliate links. They are willing to help you without expecting you to "BUY, BUY, BUY"

So who are these new breed of MARKETING "GURUS"? and more importantly where are they? Well they are still a bit thin on the ground so to speak, so they are NOT easy to find. The old style of INTERNET MARKETING "GURU" are everywhere you turn like flies around dung

To find one the best advice I can give is to … ASK. That's what I did it took me a while to find the right one but once I did I was SHOCKED at how much the others were NOT telling me.

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