One Week Marketing Review – Is One Week Marketing Legit?

As a reader of this article, I'm sure you're already familiar with PotPieGirl's One Week Marketing program. You've probably read the first 18 pages of the main guide, which she lets you do on her site. It's also a safe bet that you're asking yourself this question:

"Is there really a One Week Marketing scam?"

This is a really important question to ask of any guide related to affiliate marketing you might be thinking of picking up. A lot of what is offered on the web is useless junk. Most of them do not offer concrete guidance, opting rather to discuss abstract concepts (many of which are rehashed older material) and leave the reader without a direction.

As an owner of the full OWM package, I'm happy to say that there is most definitely not a One Week Marketing scam. I was very impressed by both the amount of content included in the package, as well as the excellent manner in which it is presented.

The program is gives you a daily action plan, allowing you to utilize the information learned immediately to make money. It's extremely clear what you should be doing on Day 1, and then what to follow it up with on Day 2, etc. By the time you're at Day 7, you'll have a great weekly regimen to basically just keep repeating. It's an excellent way to learn, and is great proof that there is indeed no such thing as a One Week Marketing scam.

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