Network Marketing – Can Article Marketing Help You in Your Network Marketing Efforts?

You have been network marketing for some time now, and are having a little success. You have actually become good at introducing your opportunity when you have a qualified prospect to talk with.

The problem, finding quality prospects is difficult. You have bought lead lists and called them (I did that fulltime one summer) and you have run advertising and done ad coops. And when you get a hot prospect, you are generally good at converting them. But the problem is getting to the hot prospects.

You see, the problem with lead lists and coops and even the advertising is that the people that respond to that or were unlucky enough to get on the bulk mailing list you have been using, are getting many calls and many emails from many network marketers.

What if you had access to a group of prospects who are not on all the lists, who are looking for a company to get involved with, but generally do not answer their phone or return SPAM emails?

Enter article marketing.

Article marketing involves writing articles that are geared very specifically, in your case, to people who are looking to get involved in business for themselves, and may be open to the idea of ​​network marketing. You could even write articles explaining network marketing.

Next, you submit those articles to online article directories that specialize in promoting your articles. They promote the articles within the search engines so that when someone is looking for 'network marketing', for example, they will get to read a copy of your article.

And the nice thing is, if they do not like you or your article, they simply click out of your article – you are not talking to uninterested people. The only ones that will click into your web site are those that are really interested.

Presto – now you have interested prospects who are already prequalified to listen to your network marketing idea.

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