Investing $ 1250 Dollars – Controlling Your Returns

There is great power in the ability to control risk and returns when investing. If you look at these two aspects as levers, you will understand that controlling these two levers could make you wealthy beyond your dreams, if you discovered a way to manipulate them. Imagine having the power to create a 100% return in a week while also having the control to protect that investment to the point where there is zero risk. At 100% per week, you could have a millionaire in 17 such transactions.

Having the power to control the size of returns and the ability to manage risk to the point where it is negligible is akin to having the magic Genie bottle. Risk and reward are the two things any seasoned investor will consider when contemplating an investment. The idea of ​​making a 100% return is far fetched enough, but to be able to do it in a week sounds implausible, further more that the investment is actually free of risk, well to many that are reading now, this may seem like a rant. To most investors, a return of 30% for the whole year would be seen as an incredibly good year. So I understand if you are thinking I might have lost my mind. But like all things, you have to think outside the box to get extra-ordinary results.

Speed ​​of returns is the important part in this type of investing. This is how your returns are controlled. If you focus on fast cycle investments rather than the long term maturation types and also, you know how to negate risk, then investment becomes more effective. If all you want is 10% or 20% per year and feel that is an excellent result, then this may not be for you. However, let me give you an example of how an investment is safe and high yielding at the same time.

Let's say you have $ 1250 dollars and you want to double it as quickly as possible. Unlike an institutional investment vehicle like shares for example, you spend your money but you get back in your possession something of tangible intrinsic value. If you bought shares with that money, the control of that money will disappear. There is no way to control the share price once you have bought shares. But what if you bought a cheap car, or a big screen TV or any number of investment objects. You have spent your money, however you have in your possession the object itself which represents the money. The way to make good returns is to buy well. You need to know the current climate of your local micro market. If you know this type of TV easily sells for $ 1600 but you found one that is being sold for what ever reason at $ 1250 you could snap it up and resell it for quite a handsome return. Not only that but it can be done quickly. It may take a week, it may take several weeks, but it will not take a year.

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