Investing $1500 – Triple Your Return With This Investment Idea

I don’t know if you have noticed lately, how much cars built in the late 70’s and early eighties are fetching. These vehicles were the playground of the 40 somethings when they were just turning old enough to drive. The disappearance of cars built in that time frame has made them rare to find. Well, not rare, but rarer.

Nostalgic reasons are why people in their 40’s are paying anything from $5000 to $40,000 for these clunkers. They recall the particular model they owned when they were eighteen and it really makes these car boffins motivated. At the age of 40 most people have their financial affairs quite well in order and they have a penchant for this type of “pre catalytic converter” vehicle.

Most will buy the car and restore it lovingly and store it in their garage and admire the car. That is the purpose of their interest in these old models. They were the muscle cars, the style and the vinyl seating, this evokes memories of their first date and their first kiss.

These facts are extremely high motivators to pay for a particular model. You can go to a junk yard and find dozens of these clunkers still laying around unwanted. But buy the parts and put a whole one together, with a nice factory color paint job and making sure the care is in mint condition, you can actually make an incredible mark up on these cars today. The truth is they will only grow in value in the future, even if the vehicle is not 100% original. People with money are willing to spend big when it comes to nostalgia and their youth. You could purchase a reasonable shell for under $500 and if you have some mechanical skills you could put this investment of $1500 together and get up to $40,000 for it.

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