Three Great MLB Baseball Betting Tips

Do you bet on MLB baseball? If not, you should. There are countless profitable betting opportunities every MLB baseball season. Whether you are already betting on MLB baseball or thinking about starting, this article will give you three solid baseball betting tips. These baseball betting tips will help you refine your selection process so you are getting better value for your money and winning more in the long run.

Baseball Betting Tip One: Do not bet on heavy favorites

As a generally rule, I do not bet on any MLB team that's around -160 or higher. The principle is a sound one. The more money you lay – without getting anything in return – the more you have to win to just break even. Let's look at an example using a heavy favorite of -200. You are laying $ 2 to win $ 1. Right away we can see that we must pick winners 66% of the time just to break even.

This is ridiculous. Take the best team in baseball and look at their win percentage. It's generally around 60-62%. Sure, the team playing a heavy favorite is probably not that good, but baseball is a funny game. Rather than getting suckered in, look for other betting options or steer clear of heavy favorites.

Baseball Betting Tip Two: If you must bet a heavy favorite, do it on the run line.

The run line is baseball is a spread and money line combination. In this case, you will be laying 1.5 runs – so your team must win by 2 or more – but you will be knocking down the money laid. Many good teams will beat poor teams by two or more. By betting them on the run line, you can knock off significant money. Perhaps the team you were going to wager on that was over the mark set in tip number one is now down to -120.

Baseball Betting Tip Three: Do not bet on road teams going for the sweep

Yes, road teams do sweep, but it's very hard. Looking over recent history, a home team only gets swept about 10% of the time. Good ones get swept even less. You could say that a secondary tip would be to bet on home teams trying to avoid the sweep. That's up to you. My main point is to simply walk away from games where you like the visitor, but that team is going for the sweep.

There are your three great MLB baseball betting tips. Good Luck!

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