Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Purchase Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

Inside this article I will share with you the top 7 reasons to never buy traffic or leads for your business.

Reason # 1

When you buy leads more often than not you are going to be paying a very high price for quality leads (If they are even quality).

Reason # 2

You never know how old the leads actually are. Most sites will tell you that the leads you are purchasing have just opted in to their landing pages, but you can never be sure. If a lead is more than a day or a couple days old, the response rate is very low.

Reason # 3

The leads that are sold may not be targeted to your specific industry, meaning that they may not even be looking for a business in your specific niche. (Health and Wellness, Direct Sales, Vacuums … etc.)

Reason # 4

Many of the leads that are sold through lead generation pages that are only getting the information due to the fact that they are offered a chance to win something like a laptop, free meal or something that would entice an opt in. When they put in their information they will have an option if they are interested in a home business. More often that now, these leads are not gong to do anything with a home business.

Reason # 5

You can never be sure how many times that specific lead is going to be sold. Lead generation coops are there to sell leads and the leads that you purchase may have been sold to five or even ten other people. So after the lead gets bombarded by business calls, it is extremely hard for you and your business to stand out.

Reason # 6

When you purchase leads, you get one chance to show them your business plan. If you generate your own leads, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with them and through a dripping process you can slowly motivate them to join your business.

Reason # 7

When you build your own list of qualified prospects, you have the opportunity to profit from them even if they never join your primary company. You can use affiliate marketing and advertise those products to the people on your list. People are more likely to buy how-to products than actually do the work.

So there are my top seven reasons to never buying wholesale leads on the internet. There are many more reason but for the article I kept it to the seven most important.

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