Five Superhero Movies We Can’t Wait To See


Going to your local movie theater is a lot of fun simply because you’re getting a chance to indulge in some fantastic, on-screen adventure. For the last two decades, no other type of movie has brought the house down for fun and entertainment than that of superhero movies. What may have once been nothing more than fairly youth-targeted caped-crusading hooey has now become massive in terms of popularity, budget, and full-on entertainment. Superhero movies have taken characters that were once staples of the funny pages or comic books and made them major commonalities in the movie business, but is this such a good thing?

Granted, watching our favorites superheroes on the silver screen is pretty cool, but there are quite a number of these films popping up. One could argue that maybe there is a bit of capitalizing on the popularity of the genre, and that said capitalization may actually water down the quality of the movies being produced. Superhero purists have also argued that too much creative license and artistic interpretation has taken place so as to make the superheroes portrayed on-screen aren’t related to the source materials of their origins. Still, it’s hard to argue with the number of tickets purchased for these movies and the high number of accolades that these movies have received.

Even more interesting than the debate regarding too many superhero movies, it is the type of gossip and hype machines that surround Hollywood that can make it hard to keep new movies development a secret. This is particularly important for superhero movies because if there is one thing they do well, it is that they leave a little bit of room for either a sequel or a chance for other characters in their respective ‘universe’ to pop-up. This means that even if you had a blast at the latest hero flick but left the theater thinking that a certain character would be cool either in their own spin-off, you might get wind of a development deal for this exact reason, and you can’t wait to see what emerges.

The truth is that we’re also big fans of these types of movies. Though superhuman, superheroes are really reflections of who we are and the type of struggles we deal with day in and out. It is this deep connection that makes it a real thrill to know that when a new superhero movie is coming out, we’re on pins and needles with excitement.

Here are five caped-crusader films we’re stoked about:

Black Panther – Power struggles, utopian settings, and a movie that should have been made a long time ago for both the character & the social commentary, this one will be big.

Justice League – Sometimes saving the world requires more than just one person in tights. Yes, it’s been out in theaters, but we’re making sure we watch a few of the flicks leading up to this one.

Avengers: Infinity War – Again, superheroes must come together to save mankind. This isn’t their first ride together, and for dedicated audiences, watching character development over the course of films is a pretty sweet thing.

Deadpool 2 – It’s like the anti-superhero movie. Foul-mouthed and absurd, there’s something magnetic in the lead character.

Ant-Man and the Wasp – The first movie was a lot of fun, so we’re hoping for more of it this time around, plus it looks like there’ll be more of an exploration of superpower collateral damage in more ways than one.

Superhero movies are the perfect marriage of love story, action film, comedy, drama, and seeing the disenfranchised feel as though they matter. Even if you might be a purist about the whole thing or just a movie buff that’s a bit tired of the slew of movies in this vein, just remember that you’re at the movies to have fun.


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