Optimum Whey Protein – Review

In this review I aim to highlight the Pro’s and Con’s of Optimum 100% Whey Protein supplement and compare the product to others in the current market.


Optimum Whey Protein contains a proprietary blend of four specialized and highly active timed release proteins. These Include

– Ultra-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate

– HydroWhey Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides

– Ion-Exchange Whey Protein Isolates

– Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolates

This is a blend of very fast acting and moderate acting Proteins. The Benefit of this being

– The slower acting proteins prevent catabolism (muscle breakdown)

– The faster acting proteins increase anabolism (muscle building)

Optimum 100% Whey Protein also contains Glutamine and BCAA’s.

– Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and works as an anti- catabolic agent

– BCAA’s increase nitrogen retention which leads to better pumps in the gym and decreased recovery time.

Optimum Whey Protein comes in ten great flavours:

Extreme Milk Chocolate

French Vanilla Creme

Gold Standard Banana Cream

Gold Standard Chocolate Mint

Gold Standard Cookies N’ Cream

Gold Standard Delicious Strawberry

Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate

Gold Standard Rocky Road

Gold Standard Tropical Punch

Gold Standard Vanilla Ice Cream

Optimum Whey Protein has become a very popular product not solely due to it’s high quality ingredients but also it’s great taste. The “Cookies N’ Cream” flavour is widely thought of as the best tasting protein on the market and from personal experience I’d have to agree (yum!).


Well the only negative I can think of is that some people thought the vanilla flavours were a bit bland:

Gold Standard Vanilla Ice Cream

French Vanilla Crème

Personally I can’t vouch for this as I’ve only tried Cookies N’ Cream but it’s the only negative feedback I’ve found.

Compared to other Products on the Market:

– Optimum 100% Whey Protein has won “Best Supplement of the Year” and “Best Protein Powder of the Year” at Bodybuilding.com for two years running 2005&2006

– It contains more Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) which is the purest and most expensive form of protein available

– Optimum Whey Protein contains a higher percentage of protein overall than it’s competitors

– Contains a digestive enzyme for absorption which is absent in most other protein supplements

– Better tasting than most other protein supplements on the market

Well I don’t usually give such a one sided glowing review, however Optimum 100% whey protein is a high quality and well rounded product, winning bodybuilding.com awards in 2005&2006 for good reason. The three main reasons being:

1. Comprized of extremely high quality ingredients tailored to effectively increase anabolism and halt catabolism

2. Very well priced for such a high performance product

3. It tastes great!

Overall score: 9/10

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