How To Bulk Up

How to bulk up

On the minds of most young men is how to bulk up their bodies. For many of them, it's a simple desire to be big and muscular so that girls will be more attracted to them. Whatever the purpose is to get into bodybuilding or to get bigger for a self confidence boost, there are two main areas you should get familiarized with; 1) Exercises and 2) Nutrition.

1) Exercises

In order to gain muscle mass, not all exercises are created equal by far! Some exercises are really good and get you bulked up fast and then there are those that waste your time. For instance, if you're trying to figure out how to bulk up your upper body, you need to figure out and write down a plan otherwise you will not see gains, guaranteed! Real basic and compound exercises are more beneficial for you than isolation and cable exercises.

What are compound exercises? They are the exercises that use multiple muscle groups at once such as the bench press (flat, incline, decline), shoulder press, rows, and close grip bench. Similarly, you should also use compound exercises for your lower body such as the squat and deadlift (upper and lower). Only two you ask? Well there are many different variations of the squat; narrow story, wide stance, front squats, and leg presses (not the exact same but still good).

But before piling on the weights, LEARN HOW TO DO THE EXERCISE PROPERLY. I can not emphasize this enough. You must do this not only so you do not make a fool out of yourself but, more importantly, so you do not get injured! Without proper form you will not apply your body and muscles the right way which can take you out of the gym for a long time if any injury occurs.

The best guide I can recommend for learning the right exercises to do, how to do those exercises correctly, how many reps to do, how many workouts a week for optimal growth, nutrition that helps you bulk up, and more is Arnold's Bodybuilding Bible.

I bought this book about eight years ago and still refer to it because it's a great resource. All of those muscle magazines thatplaster headlines on their covers about "how to bulk up" this and "how to bulk up" that are not presenting anything new. All of the exercises you need to bulk up are in there.

2) Nutrition

The other really important ingredient in learning how to bulk up is to know what to eat, when to eat it, and how much of it to eat. Without the proper nutrition, your muscles will not grow, no matter how much you work out, period. Foods high in protein and comparatively low in fat are very good. However, you should not completely cut out fats because fats are also important. Fats carry the highest amount of calories and must be included in your plan of how to bulk up. Some fats from fish oil, flax seed oil and others are very beneficial to the body in general and especially lubricating those joints. So not all fats are bad.

Then of course are the numerous fad diets and tons of supplements only to make matters more confusing. Before venturing this path on your own, do some research because you can save yourself a lot of time and money, not to mention getting faster results.

Start learning those two areas, the exercises and nutrition, and you will certainly equip yourself with the knowledge of how to bulk up. Good luck!


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