Nutrition – Do You Want to Know a Secret That Will Change Your Life Forever?

Eating the right kinds of foods can change your life. Have you looked at what you are eating? Do you eat a meal in front of a mirror? Do you understand what food is doing to your body?

Do you want to know a secret that will change your life forever?

  • Eating RAW FOODS will give you the energy your body needs to put up with all the bad habits you have accumulated over the years.

If you understand the importance of what goes into your body, not how much you eat, you can become the master of your destiny. Dieting solves nothing, it is a short term solution to a life long habit. Many people are afraid of change because:

  1. People fear having to do anything forever. That is a real long time for many. How long is forever to you?
  2. Most people form habits for the wrong reasons. Understanding why you eat certain products at specific times or places is a key to accepting who you are. Nothing is forever.
  3. Giving up something you love for a lousy alternative is never easy. Well learn to live with what you love the most and eat the right foods that will make you healthy also. You are the boss.

I love hamburgers and I have learned that eating beef is great for me, that wheat in the form of bread has value also but, if I put the two together, that's where the problem exists. As long as I understand how foods interact in my body, and I accept the consequences, then eating hamburgers once in awwhile is OK .. Can you live with that?

Learning how to eat "smart" is the key. Giving up foods you like all together is not smart in my mind because I have to give up something I like and I refuse to do that. I have learned to eat differently without giving up anything I really love.

I sure wish I would of learned all about foods and how to take better care of my body in school. I learned how to be smart enough to work and make money but not how to live a healthy life. What's more important? Food for thought.

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