Men's Swimming Shorts

Men across the world are becoming increasingly more proactive when it comes to keeping healthy and staying fit. A great alternative to going to the gym and pumping iron or running on the treadmill is swimming. Swimming is an excellent way to get fit however many people enjoy swimming because its fun. Men may find the thought of wearing swimming briefs embarrassing being a little too tightly fit but there are other options available.

Men's swimming shorts have been round for decades and while the style has generally stayed the same, the technology has not. In there early days swim shorts were made from cotton but nowdays more often than not they are made from rayon or polyester. The benefit of these water repelling shorts is that they do not hold water like cotton shorts.

Cotton swimsuits absorb so much water that they drag and take a long time to dry. Men's swimming shorts made with modern fibers help to improve performance. Quick drying technology makes wearing swim shorts more comfortable, especially out of the water. The great thing about the modern swimming trunk is its versatility. One minute you're sitting on the beach enjoying the sun, the next in the sea or playing volleyball. You can even treat a pair of trunks as a regular pair of shorts.

The length of men's swimming shorts differs but as a general rule they are above the knee. Board shorts for surfers are usually just above the knee and come in lots of different designs. Often they are very colorful and have prints on them. Although not technically a swim short, they do allow the surfer to swim albeit with some drag.

Men's swimming shorts are generally quite plain and do not often feature embroidery or prints. They do however come in different colors. When choosing length, the shorter the better, but go with a length that you're happy with. You will not see professional male swimmers wearing swim shorts and that's because of drag. So the general rule is, the shorter, the better your swimming performance.

If you feel comfortable sporting a brief swimsuit, then it's the best way to go. For those that are a little more conscious or prefer something less revealing choosing a pair of swimming trunks that are not too long. Finally, when choosing the size, most men are in the medium range but sizes are usually offered from small to extra-large.

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