Do We Live Parallel Lives?

The concept of parallel lives can be very confusing.

Many of us who have been brought up in western civilization only come in contact with the concept of reincarnation later in life.

We are often taught to believe we only live once and after passing on we reside in heaven until the resurrection when Jesus comes and saves us, then we are judged and if found worthy, reside in heaven for the rest of eternity, however long that may be.

It can take some time for many to accept the possibility that reincarnation may be possible, the opposite has been so ingrained in many it has become a permanent part of their belief system.

We are also taught that we are a body who has a soul, and we personify everyone and everything, even God, thus because we have a physical body, we can only be in one place at a time.

When we begin to realize we are a soul that occupies a body, that puts an entirely different spin on the whole scenario. As we progress in our learning, we gradually begin to realize, either through learning or personal experience that it is possible for us to be seen in two different realities simultaneously.

Many people experience seeing loved ones return and visit them after they have passed on, sometimes years later. How would this be possible if we weren’t omnipresent?

We are each and every one of us part of God, God is omnipresent, so if we are part of him we would be omnipresent also.

When one begins studying the concept of reincarnation it normally begins with an individual discovering one past life, then after some time, if the individual soul keeps doing research, he or she suddenly discovers additional past lives.

Suddenly their whole perspective changes, a whole new world opens up to them. They then try to chronologically arrange their lives, filling in the gaps into one continuous chain of lifetimes. Suddenly, a monkey wrench is thrown into the situation, they come across a time when they were living two lives simultaneously.

What a dilemma, what do we make of this?

Depending on the individual and their belief mechanism or personal experiences they have to start believing that parallel lives are a reality, once that occurs, it opens up a whole new perspective and possibilities we never even imagined.

We begin to realize we are living all our lives simultaneously, and the one we are seeing as reality is only the one we are focusing on, kind of like turning a radio, all the stations are available for us to listen to, but we only hear the one we are tuned in to.

We are all living parallel lives and each has a bearing on the other, if we make changes in one of our lives, it changes the reality in the others.

The past and future are parallel, but in between the two, in linear time, resides the NOW, and that determines which version of the future you experience. That is why living in the NOW is so important, the decisions you make in the present could put you in a less desirable future, hence karma.

As a result, everything you do changes the reality on the earth plane, from our perspective. Hence, if you want to change the world, change yourself.

The process in unending as we continue to grow and learn of our connection with Divine Source.

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