Affiliate Marketing – Online Affiliate Marketing (Part 23) – How to Convert Your Traffic to Sales

  • Why Conversion Matters

Traffic is worth a lot, but only as long as you can convert that volume into sales volume.

Simply put, drawing people in and driving up interest is not enough for success. To make affiliate marketing work, you need to get people to actually buy what you have to offer. Whether it is a product or service, remember that the profits from an affiliate marketing endeavor stem mostly from converting traffic into sales.

Consider this: you have two setups, each with an equal volume of high-quality traffic.

One setup has a means of giving access to purchasing, while the other setup is just informative and non-commercial. For those on the informative site, purchasing means finding local outlets where they can get access to your stuff.

That means that it is inconvenient, and may drop from the users' memory, putting the hard work of gaining attention to waste. With a direct sales system, you can get people to buy in the heat of the moment, increasing the frequency that a user buys something, while also increasing the amount they buy.

One way of improving your conversions is to set up a pre-sell page, this is a page you create pre-selling the offer before the prospect gets to the sales page of the offer you are an affiliate for. It is a good idea to search forums on the intended subject you wish to promoting as well as your competition to learn more about the language that is spoken in that particular niche. By understanding more of buzz, about the product you will be able to translate that in to your sales copy.

It really is a matter of getting people interested and then striking while the iron is hot, so to speak. Converting traffic to sales should be a part of the whole process, a managed component which you control, and not something left to the wiles of the user.

This is not to say that you force them to buy, but rather that you present the option while the interest level is peaking. Be aware that every time that you promote something it will not be a winner and convert every time.

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