Why Wear a Snake Ring?


The snake ring is a trendy piece of jewellery we’ve noticed slithering across the fingers of A-list celebrities over the last few years. So why are the rich and famous wearing it? We can’t answer this question, however we’ve got a few good reasons as to why the rest of us would wear one. This fashion trend is a classic and one that has actually been around for a long time. Over many centuries people from different cultures around the world have chosen to wear the snake ring, some for the sake of fashion and others for the symbolic nature of snakes in their cultures.

Celebrities have been wearing snake rings for years. These celebrities might be wearing expensive snake rings, however these days you don’t have to be rich or famous to be able to afford this fashionable piece of jewellery.

The snake ring was in fashion quite a long time before today’s celebrities began wearing it. Back in the Roman Era, this was a very popular design and was used to represent eternity. The ancient Roman women wore a lot of jewellery, as did the women during the Victorian era. In the nineteenth century snake rings were often set with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. It is said that the ring became popular during this period because of the emerald-set engagement ring that Queen Victoria received from Prince Albert.

In Greek mythology snakes were considered a symbol of healing. The snake ring was worn in honour of Asclepius, the ancient Greek God of medicine, healing and rejuvenation. Asclepius had a snake-entwined staff which has become the symbol of medicine today. The ancient Egyptians also wore jewellery with snake shapes. They had snake goddesses who were associated with fertility, protection for the kitchen and were viewed as protectors of the King.

Snakes are also very symbolic in other cultures such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Australian Aboriginal mythology. In Chinese astrology, a snake in your home is a good omen as it means your family will not starve. The Chinese zodiac also states that snakes are considered spotlight magnets and they will not be ignored. So if you’re looking to attract attention, then the ring with the snake is the one to wear.

The snake ring is an interesting conversation piece and a piece of jewellery that anyone, especially snake lovers, would be proud to wear. There are different designs around and most of them have the snake wrapping around the finger. The snake design by Puzzle Jewellery has the snake perched on top of the interlocking puzzle bands. When wearing the puzzle jewellery snake design, you get to see the beauty of the entire snake. Puzzle Jewellery has snake ring designs with 5 bands or 7 bands, and some of their snake designs have precious gemstones like rubies and diamonds set into the snake eyes.

As you can see, the choice to wear a snake ring can be based on the symbolic nature of snakes in different cultures, for the sake of fashion or because you want your jewellery to stand out in a crowd. So perhaps the real question here is, “Where To Find a Snake Ring?”


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