Indie Games Are Worth Skipping Baseball Matches

Hey there! Before you loose your cool, count till 10 and believe me you will get 10 good reasons as to why you should stay hooked to indie-games. First and foremost there are no linier plots in indie games. So you are given the chance to tackle the problem as you wish. For strict plots may not be addictive.

However, you do not become gods. Omni powers are not given because we keep in mind that the capacity of each gamer might vary. The payoffs start from the word 'go' itself, and they are pretty regular too.

Also you are lured to play longer. It always seems that the game will be over in seconds; the climax is just around the corner. This is because the games move rapidly. It seems that there is just one more level, some more to finish off, the intervals are that close. So no less gripping than your super bowl folks!

Boredom comes in all games, especially if they are too repetitive and less challenging. But indie games have expandability. That is they have the capacity to expand. Still not making sense? Read on ….

This means that you can contribute your add-ons. The games are highly flexible. You can also if you wish to avoid the monotonous gaps that other games normally fall into.

The interaction is also meaningful. The games have multiplayer capabilities. The nature of the games not only encourages competition but also cooperation (who said that the sportsman spirit exits only in non-virtual games?). Surely, this is a good option for entertainment.

There are ample rewards for success. The games are dynamic; you do not have to restart if you have done well. The unpredictability is challenging and still gives you a chance to win. So you do not have a chance to say 'game over'.

As your game playing increases you skills also increases. So the games are graduated not randomly for cheap tricks are effective for beginners but not for experts. The games have the ability to immerse the player's attention and make him feel that he is a part of it just like a movie. So, it is a common but unique experience.

Indie games are high on credibility. The added reality does not eliminate the traditional fantasy but gives it a new dimension. So now you know that you do not need to wait the super bowl. Excitement is just a click away!

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