Choose Your Logo Style

Once you've decided on a logo type (wordmark, lettermark, brandmark, or iconic), the next step is to choose a style. Designing logos can be enjoyable, but you should never loose sight of the big picture. A logo must be more than visibly appealing. There are many logo styles from which to choose, so let's take a brief look at a few of them.


The border is a classic design. It was especially popular in the early 1900s. If you want to add an antique feel to your logo, then a border element can get the job done. Borders are often used to establish boundaries, and they can be used to effectively separate logo elements. For example, let's say your company was established in 1997. You could put "established in 1997" in your logo by using a border between it and your company name. A border logo combined with a classic typeface can provide a classic, but sophisticated, antique look.


Does a logo need to look like a logo? Not necessarily. Most businesses, especially small-businesses, have defining phrases that explain what they do. Why not take that refining phrase and make it a logo? Just enclose the phrase in a box. It takes design savvy to make it appealing, but basically it's your clearing phase in a box.


Circles are good when it comes to grouping abstract ideas. Let's say you've found a clipart image that you feel represents your company. It's not effective to just grab the clipart and say it's a logo. By combining the clipart with your company name, and enclosing all the elements in a circle, you can create an attractive logo. The circle imagery can also be used on other design pieces.


If you're in a light-hearted business, then using a comic illustration may be appropriate. In certain situations, humor can put people at ease and make them more open to your message. The challenge is deciding if a humorous logo will work for your company. A humorous logo will work well for a toy-company or children's clothing store. But it may be a bad choice for a computer company or funeral home.


When it's time to design a logo, very few people think of using photographs. But photographs can work when they accurately represent your message. For instance, a florist can comprise flower photographs into a logo. Using a photograph logo can convince people to choose your product or service. It gives the viewer the impression that they're viewing your work, even if it is not.


This type of logo is the most fun to create. It's experimental and you can do anything you like. The danger in going off the beat path is that you may design an ineffective logo that fails. But if done correctly, an experimental logo can set your logo apart from any other.

No matter which style you choose, be sure it's effective and accurately communicates your image. You should be proud of your logo.

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