The Cool Uncle’s Guide to Gift Giving

If you are anything like me, you are really bad at buying gifts for kids. So, it’s your little nephew or niece’s birthday, and you don’t know what to get them? Well before you go pottering about the mall like a confused water buffalo; take a gander at some of these ideas on how to pick the perfect gift that will surely make you the coolest Uncle.

Think about it, when you were younger what was the one thing that got on your nerves about adults and their gift giving tactic? Remember that Uncle or Aunt who would give you a six pairs of socks instead of those cool action figures that you had always wanted? Well, they did that because they thought it was practical. Kids don’t care about practicality; they care about cool and entertaining. So don’t be that guy. Put yourself in the kid’s shoes and get them something that they would really love.

Now, if you are a man and you are buying a gift for a little boy, then your job is easy. All you have to do is think back to when you were little. What kind of toys did you enjoy? Remember the Lego set or the He-Man Castle Greyskull? That’s right! Wipe those misty tears away and go out and get that kid something wickedly awesome. Try to help him develop his creativity and imagination by getting him the same Legos that you had or maybe something even cooler. You could ask his dad what kind of stuff he is into (in my day, it was the Ninja Turtles) and then get him the coolest action figure that you can find. That is sure to win you some brownie points. Remember trends change and depending on when you read this article, something new might be all the rage.

If you are looking for a present for a little girl, then it is best to ask for the advice of a trusted female. If you don’t have much time though, remember that girls generally love to play dress up and also like dolls. But if you are anything like me, don’t feel shy about approaching the prettiest woman in the store and politely asking her for advice on what you should get for your niece. If you play your cards right, you will leave there with a great gift for your niece as well as the pretty woman’s number in your back pocket because let’s face it, you are a sweet and thoughtful young man who is also kind and generous, right?

Finally, I would just like to advise you to not buy the little kid some sort of DVD or computer game. Kids spend a lot of time as it is sitting in front of the tube. This is your opportunity to buy them something that will either get them to play outdoors or to stimulate their imagination. Let’s help our kids become active and smart.

One other thing that I might suggest is puzzles. Puzzles are great because they teach kids on following through on a project. They pose a challenge to kids and can boost their pride and self esteem. They are also great in getting families together to spend quality time. So there you have it guys. Go out there and have fun.

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